The Bartender Project is a company providing services to bartenders, brands and bars.  We offer training services, menu design, development programs, video and photography services.  

We are launching the first of its kind Training & Development Bartender Centre in Jan/Feb 2018.  This facility will feature training rooms, masterclass facilities, a library, a small cafe, specialised bar equipment and glassware displays, three bars for filming and photography and also accommodation for bartenders travelling to learn and film.

We are working alongside some craft Breweries, Distilleries and Wine-Makers to create new learning materials for our community.  

We will have multiple dorms to accommodate international bartenders looking to learn while visiting Ireland.  All of our services are complimentary to bartenders.  Simply join our mailing list to become a member of our community.

With a lot happening on the horizon and recent global partnerships soon to be announced it is a very exciting time to be part of our community.  So come join us today and be apart of the community.

- The Bartender Project Team